aIPAM was founded in 2005 as an affiliate of the National Association of Healthcare Access Management (NAHAM).  Many NAHAM members have organized Access groups within their states and have had great success in promoting education and leadership in the Patient Access Management area.  aIPAM intends to take a leadership role in Illinois and neighboring states to elevate the role of Access professionals in the healthcare industry.  We are over 75 members strong and growing!

Important Milestones


March 4: First aIPAM (Kick-Off) conference: A New Dimension in Patient Access Management

July - First aIPAM members-only newsletter:  Access Across Illinois

September 22: aIPAM fall conference: Access Floats Your Boat Conference and Lake Michigan Cruise

November - Established aIPAM Bylaws and Committee Chairs

December - First aIPAM election of officers


January - First elected officers assume their posts

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September 28: aIPAM fall conference Access Gone Wild at the Brookfield Zoo

November 30: Holiday Party & Member Appreciation Dinner at Luigi's House


January - Al Mulaomerovic becomes aIPAM's new Treasurer.

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